Telesis Preparatory Academy Curriculum Mapping

The time and effort required to sit down each day, or each week, login to Curriculum Connector, and go through all the steps required to input daily assignments can be a challenge. That is why we have this wiki. Each day you can sit down and input the information about what you did that day. You can either pick one subject to fill out for the entire year, for example language arts, you can put in everything you did that day, or anywhere in between. Just select your room number on the left, enter as much information as you can, and click on submit at the bottom of the page. If you establish this as a daily habit, you'll find that it just takes a few minutes each day.

Later in the year, after you have entered tons of information, you'll be able to copy and paste what you have entered into the appropriate places in Curriculum Connector.

If you find that the form does not have a field that you need, please let Doug know and the field will be added.

It is critical that this become a daily habit. A few minutes each day will save you hours of work later.